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eCommerce in Austria … and around the World

Weil er über Internationalisierung spricht – hat er uns doch glatt seinen Teaser und Kurz-Vita standesgemäß auf englisch geschickt.

Jens Bader über Internationalisierung im eCommerce

The level of complexity is rising. There really is no movement away from the country-by-country licensing model in gambling. They all have their own reasons for doing what they are doing. There is no consensus at an EU level. I have sat in on some European Commission meetings where they have brought regulators, operators and others into focus to discuss some issue. But they can’t even agree over the terms of the discussion. The discussion are going nowhere. The local approach suits the gambling regualtors, whereas in the financial services world the global/regional approach is working. So there is a conflict there (between the two regulatory approaches).

Just look at mobile. I can use my phone in any given territory, but when it comes to gambling I can’t deposit in some places, for various reasons. I can’t use the app.

The consumer gets confused. It’s incredibly difficult today. It can leave payment companies on the wrong side of the customer experience. They can use social media to express their frustrations. Our clients can lose a customer, and we can get a bad press. That can happen because of regulations.

This is all consumer-driven.

Über Jens Bader – CCO bei Secure Trading

Keynote Secure Trading am A-COMMERCE DayAs Chief Commercial Officer at Secure Trading, Jens is responsible for the global payment management company’s overall strategy. He provides creative, dynamic leadership across all sales and marketing activity and ultimately ensures that the thousands of Secure Trading merchants internationally can manage their online transactions smoothly and securely.

A true payments industry veteran, Jens has worked for both global service providers like Optimal Payments, First Data and Global Collect, and fast-growth startups, giving him a multi-faceted view of the sector and an agile but thorough approach. Directly prior to joining Secure Trading, Jens held the position of Chief Commercial Officer at the paysafecard Group, managing thousands of commercial relationships with clients including Amazon, Microsoft, Walt Disney and Facebook.

His enthusiasm for the payments world is not confined to the office; Jens also owns and manages the largest prepaid community on LinkedIn and is a Council Member for GLG Advisory, providing consultancy to private equity and management consulting companies regarding the online payments space as well as being Chairman to the Mobile Money & Wallet Summit. He is a prolific speaker on payments, innovation and fraud-related topics worldwide.

Jens holds a degree in International Business Management from the University of Applied Science in Reutlingen and spends his time professionally between London and Vienna with frequent worldwide travel.

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